Innovation & Jewels: Welcome to NYLON 3D

Inside this traditional world of the jewelry industry, we find many opportunities to put it back in the 21st century era!  And believe it or not, it is possible to innovate and update this product. And this is just a start!

Long live innovation!  Let's have fun!



3D printing is often presented as an ecological means. The decline in waste production, the reduction of energy consumption and the end of obsolescence are planned.  It supports complexes geometries and have so many opportunities to raise creation!



The texture of Nylon has been accurately compared to the soft sand of the beach.
This texture is a result of the outer grains of nylon powder adhering to the outer surface of the sintered Nylon. All parts will have a grain of 0.1mm layers in the Z axis, which is often invisible to the eye and only becomes more visible on gradual curves. 
If the orientation of the grain is important to you, please let us know and we can advise for futur collection!


When parts are thin, they can bend and flex with pressure. You can use this to your advantage when designing functional parts for your product. Nylon SLS also has a material memory so that when thin parts bend under pressure, they then return to their as built position when the pressure is relieved.


We paint Nylon in 4 standard colours and more to come!
which produces an even, consistent and colour fast result. This process also provides 0.2mm colour penetration beneath the surface of the object, allowing for excellent durability.
The dyed parts are also skin safe and UV resistant.


An important and much sought after criterion is the lightness of the earring. 10/12 gr is the maximum weight suggested especially if you want to wear it all day! ... heavier than that often the lobe takes a hit, sometimes it rolls and deforms.

The only limit to fashion lies in the mechanical strength of the lobe, which could tear in case of excessive weight; people who usually wear heavy earrings can also see an enlargement of their lobe. 

With our LITE Collection, we have found a solution!

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