The most popular lucky charm in the world.

Why are so many people showing such great interest in four-leaf clover?

The four-leaf clover is without a doubt the most popular lucky charm in the world.

The four-leaf clover heralds spring.

According to ancient Greece, this clover contained a toxic venom, while for the Romans it was used as an antidote to snakebite.

Some used it to produce a love potion (a magic potion intended to inspire love).

What does four leaf clover mean?

It is the symbolism of its leaves, the first of which represents Hope, the second Faith, the third Charity, the fourth and not least Love, which makes it such a strong omen of luck.

According to another legend, the four-leaf clover would bring Fame, Wealth, Love and Health.

Whatever the definition given to each leaf, the fact remains that Love is a constant.

A legend has it that, if you carry a twig of this precious clover on you, this amulet (fetish object that you wear on your person which protects against illnesses and evil spells) would provide a beneficial effect.

According to botanists, you have a one in 10,000 chance of finding a four leaf clover.

So why not defy fate by getting this bracelet which carries within it the symbol of virtues tinged with Love and Friendship, Luck and Abundance, Health and Strength, Happiness and Wealth.

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