Small wavy hoops and GUAVA freshwater pearls
Small wavy hoops and GUAVA freshwater pearls

Small wavy hoops and GUAVA freshwater pearls

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Small GUAVA wavy rings and their baroque pearls

Beautiful jewelry creations called "GUAVA model and their baroque pearls"
Here we present earrings with baroque type pearls on a rhodium-plated silver bail. Note that this jewel offers a rich combination of texture and luminosity and that it offers a modern and daring shape for wearing pearls.

These wavy rings and baroque freshwater pearls are an innovative product, offering an elegant and exceptional combination.

Baroque type pearls are known for their irregular shape and natural charm, which adds to the originality of these earrings. The rhodium-plated silver bail should not only enhance the beauty of the pearl but also make it look shiny and elegant.

Details on texture and brightness indicate that the jewelry offers a variety of finishes or materials that make it visually interesting and appealing. The combination of these elements creates a piece of jewelry that appears to be both modern and bold, which may appeal to those looking for a unique and remarkable style.

This exceptional jewelry creation featuring baroque style pearls on a rhodium plated silver bail, will offer you a combination of texture and luminosity, which will add a modern and bold touch to the way the pearls are worn.


Note : Due to their nature, the size and color of freshwater pearls may vary slightly.

Note : Pearls can be removed from the loops to be worn without them.

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