3D nylon bracelet a jewel with a Quebec design

Bracelet nylon 3D. design québécois vox & Oz

The bracelet is an essential part of the most popular fashion accessories. By offering it in 3d nylon we wanted to make sure of the benefits that this novelty would bring by making it in 3d nylon.

Its contemporary style design, well cut and which exacerbates the organic shapes, has amazed many lovers of bracelets. Its shapely geometry brings a beautiful presence and complements a modern outfit.

What are the other benefits of the 3D nylon strap?

It is of the bangle type and its flexibility makes it adaptable to different wrist sizes: "One size fit all".

The design and ergonomics of this bracelet have been designed so that it hugs your wrist with the greatest comfort.

Nylon is an insulator that is always room temperature, never too cold or too hot, like stones or metals, which should be avoided during the hot summer months or extreme cold.

It is resistant to shocks given its great flexibility;

Being hand-dyed, several of the trendiest colors are offered to you up to date.

Design and manufacture in Quebec for local purchases.

Easy to maintain since it is washable, it will keep its qualities over time. It is not sensitive to humidity or perspiration.

 It is easy to put on and take off the wrist.

 No noise! This jewel is soundproof.

Ultra light, this jewel will accompany you with great softness with maximum impact to your look.

In conclusion, why did you give her the name "Lagertha"?

This bracelet takes its name from that of a character who, according to Scandinavian mythology, embodied this strong and courageous woman.

We wanted to pay tribute to all these strong women in our lives.

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