Gift guide: 10 eco-responsible Quebec jewelry ideas to offer for the holidays.

GUIDE CADEAUX 10 Bijoux 3D les plus origniaux

Gift guide: 10 unique design 3D jewelry ideas made in Quebec

A gentle WOW effect!

Find the perfect eco-friendly holiday gift for that unique and creative woman!  The holiday season is a perfect time to celebrate the special women in your life. On this occasion of the holiday season celebrations, why not offer your friend, mother, spouse, daughter an eco-responsible gift to surprise her? This 3D jewel printed with 100% recycled material, hand-dyed will please and surprise this woman in search of novelties and creative products! Jewels that will respect all budgets. If you don't know where to start, this list of ideas for 3d earrings or bracelets made in Quebec will help you get started. These gifts are not only sweet and thoughtful, but they are also good for our planet. Who can request a Best Gift?


Boucles d'oreilles roses pales, bijoux ultralégers, anneaux d'oreilles trois cerceaux, hypoallergiques faits au Québec.
Perfect gift for that sweet and original person who is looking for unique products! 
Combine originality, softness and freedom with these ultra-light earrings. They close like sleepers, you'll forget you're wearing them. The unique design of this model combines the art of 3D and enhances the wearer with a modern and refined look.
Do him the honor of DAILY rings

2. BOX Trio of rings

Anneaux d'oreilles colorés, coffret cadeau bijoux québécois. Anneaux d'oreilles ultralégers faits au Québec.
Whoever receives these rings will live life to the fullest 3D jewelry experience great occasions!  
TRIO OF ULTRALIGHT AND COLORFUL 3D EAR RINGS! 3 sizes in the colors of your choice! Perfect for spending evenings looking WOW for others while forgetting that they are so light they are worn! Finally the chance to wear big rings with comfort!
What a great discovery:  the TRIO OF RINGS BOX

3. Gift certificates

Cartes cadeaux bijoux québécois Vox & Oz.  Bijoux 3D ultralégers écoresponsables et hypoallergiques.
Does your daughter only talk about sustainability at home? Would you like to introduce your sister to original products but you don't know what jewelry would suit her? Your spouse loves new things and being surprised by an unconventional Quebec family business!
There you go, treat him to a gift card!
A solution to make discover and please this creative person while letting him choose the model and the color that he could appreciate.
Virtual gift certificate valid for shopping in the Vox & Oz.

Important note: The gift certificate will be sent by email when placing the order. No gift certificate is sent by post.

Shop Vox & oz 

4. OASIS Favorite of the public

Boucles d'oreilles OASIS Coup de coeur canadien bourse Fabrique 1840 de maison SIMONS.
To the passionate this gift will bring the magic of CHRISTMAS!  These earrings are the jewel of the year!
A gift that we can offer this year with great pride in Quebec Design! 

Let the magic of the holidays work: Add 3D OASIS earrings under the tree


5. Bracelets 3D 

Bracelet LAgertha, braclet fait que Québec. Manchette plusieurs couleurs disponibles.

The fashion trend this year is the large bracelet!
To spoil the woman of your life! 
For the busy woman, that daily MAESTRO who adores unique and modern looks, this sleek, flexible and ergonomic 3D bracelet will bring a guaranteed WOW experience!
3D nylon bracelets confirm that women are looking for elegance, style and the strength of a good impression.  For those who look ahead and love innovation, the Vox & Oz of Bracelets is just getting started.
For the Bracelet Maestro Shop 3D Wristbands

 6. LITCHI and genuine pearls

Bijoux modernes avec perles d'eau douce. Bijou québécois, design unique ultraléger , hypoallergiques.

A safe bet: A 100% eco-responsible jewel Charming for the lobe and Chic for cocktail parties! 
Offering pearls and offering them for the contemporary has never been so joyful.
This set of 3D ring earrings with authentic pearls attached by a bail is an irresistible present.  To offer to this great lady who illustrates her taste for living her time to the full.  She will be able to take advantage of the great lightness of the rings and their felted look mixed with the pearly shine of the pearl.  No time to waste, these are the unique jewels you need to offer!
Shop LITCHI with pearls offered IVORY or BLACK



Petites boucles d'oreilles couleur blanc ivoire délicates et modernes. Plusieurs couleurs disponibles.

For the surprise gift exchange at the holiday party! 
Combine originality, comfort and futuristic look with these ultralight earrings. Their spiral design created by 3D technology gives them an extraordinary appearance.
Under the most festive trees Shop the NEBULAS







8. Friendship Bracelets

Bracelet d'amitiés , bracelet coeurs, bracelet étoile, bracelet trèfles à 4 feuilles.

For our girlfriends and A gift that does a good deed to that important person!
Whether traditional, superstitious or spiritual, by sharing this bracelet you will forge strong bonds.
Explore our range of friendship bracelets that fit together and share with our friend, our teacher, our daughter. A gift to unite links and ensure a daily presence.
Magazines friendship bracelets



Ssymbolizing love!  These roses are so well modeled that one would believe tiny roses.  Several colors, formats for the most tender to the most flamboyant.
Opt for the mini-tango or the flamenco, ultra-light hoop earrings that will turn heads! Perfectly designed for dancing!

OLHÉ for a festive atmosphere! 
 Magazines the jewelry collection adorned with 3D rose



10. The 3D jewelery box: 3 jewels to choose from 

Bijoux 3D, faits au Québec. Bijoux hypoallergiques et colorés.

For the elegant woman who is already won over by Quebec jewelry!
A uniquely designed gift that will add great discoveries and surprise her during the festivities!
Composed of 3 jewels to choose from, this set of pretty and delicate earrings will charm active women and add an original and modern touch to their look. Here is the Vox & Oz ready to wear.
Save 20% on the purchase of this jewelry box, a great way to introduce Quebec design.
Personalized box - Choice of 3 jewels.



Let's prepare for the festivities by adding Quebec discoveries under the tree!

We always remember these moments of exchanging gifts and New Year's parties that allow us to bring a renewal to our daily universe.

Happy Holidays to all!

That said, feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or would like more direction, we know it!



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