Bracelet 3D UNO
Bracelet 3D UNO
Bracelet 3D UNO
Bracelet 3D UNO
Bracelet 3D UNO

Bracelet 3D UNO


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UNO 3D bracelet


A completely 3D nylon printed and hand dyed link bracelet. It is manufactured using laser technology by 3D nylon printing. 3 rings are provided to adjust the desired length. This bracelet is resistant to reasonable type of collisions.


Adjustable for wrist 15-19 cm

How to know the size of your bracelet?

You can measure it using a tape measure or a string, taking care to slip your finger between the wrist and the accessory used. The length measured with the string can be measured with a ruler. This will give you the circumference of your wrist.

It is advisable to ensure that the size of the bracelet when finished corresponds to the added wrist circumference of 2 cm (two fingers). This is advice, but everyone has their preference on how to hold their bracelet: looser or tighter. You just have to take into account that a bracelet that is too loose is easily lost and is more exposed to friction. On the other hand, a bracelet that is too tight is very uncomfortable, not to mention the risk of breakage.

Example: If my wrist measures 16.5 cm in circumference. We suggest adding 2 cm (2 fingers) to select the closest dimension by referring to the table, so in this case I would choose 18.5 cm which I can easily adjust.


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