To involve our entourage in frank debates or not?

Make your ideas adhere!

Vox & Oz was conceived very easily, but what about its first years of life? Here is my state of mind from the beginning, almost a poem on the entrepreneurial beginnings of our company.


We are that individual who has the file in our hands.

We have the great mission of reviewing the ways of doing things. If we are in this movement, it is because we are questioning many situations. We have these veins of ideas that motivate us to explore and to act!

We decide to drive these projects to their final destination!

We write on this blank page! We need help to get there, and for that we need to share our ideas, trust and open our visions to those around us. Jump into the water in front of our entourage?

"...OUILLE lalala I'm afraid of being deviated from my ideas, I don't want them to question my project, I feel fragile, I need to move forward and my darlings, those I love and who knows me more than anything will have their say, I so want it to work no choice to share my project! »

And then, PLOUF we dive! We are committed to making our ideas stick.

And this other great reality in business appears to us: That of developing projects with the entourage that we have, we realize very quickly that these plans are prepared together, promoting the project to ours is certainly a from the Cornerstone to the success of this project, our entourage plays a key role. The leap in his convictions which in turn will define the project.

One thing is certain is that we don't want to stay on the bench and we have to move. The vision takes shape in front of us like an itinerary filled with beautiful sunshine.

Anyway you have to throw yourself into this water, it will be freezing, boiling?

… sharing, this crossing of the Lac-des-nôtres is a must….

  • Will there be a sanction for our decisions?
  • Will our visions be confronted with other listening than ours?
  • Will this weaken our project?
  • Will criticism from people we love upset us?
  • Will our embryo be sufficiently inked in us?

…Very happy these moments when the water will refresh us!

Opening up to those who polarize our lives, opening up to the questions of our own, allowing them to surprise us in certain flaws in our project, it's difficult. Opinions will be divided and we want them to be always welcomed. Ideas will not always merge, but a movement will have to make these exchanges evolve positively. The perception of ours will serve to strengthen the bonds of attachment of the project.

The challenge is not trivial, it is even a big one .

It's part of our Vox & Oz story it really is an important family DNA.

Brigitte Cantin, Co-founder and President Vox & Oz

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