Mother & Daughter in business

Brigitte & Léa-Marie, Mère et fille!

Vox & Oz, a family story

The project started following a suggestion from Léa-Marie who proposed to her mother, Brigitte, to make sketches for new jewelry ideas. Having done a lot of research and wanting to start product development using 3D printing technology, Léa-Marie wanted to concoct daring jewelry.

Brigitte, who has been practicing her profession Industrial Designer since 1991, enthusiastically receives this idea and gradually, the company comes to life. We can be proud today to offer our entirely Quebec products to the customers and thus benefit our customers from quality products.

A name, a mission, a vision, and values ​​that have been discussed at length and which are the pillars of our business plan.


Vox & Oz creates and manufactures jewelry and accessories with an innovative design evoking the 21st century.


Vox & OZ Offer of Canadian manufacturing products recognized for its leadership in innovation and its avant-garde concepts, the company promoting the exploitation of new technologies targeting an international market while prioritizing sustainable development.



Together, we want to push the limits of design and bring new solutions to today's jewelry.

And from there, our journey begins ...



Brigitte Cantin

Léa-Marie Munger

Vox & Oz