A graduation accompanied by Quebec Design.

A graduation accompanied by Quebec Design.

To be born under a lucky star and take charge of our lives!

I remember my graduation ball. A very important step for a hinge between life as a high school student and that of our own career choices.

Having dreams is a great source of pleasure, provided of course that we feel aligned with our destiny. What if it wasn't my destiny? If my choice was not the right one?

Because being yourself is a journey through time. What if I didn't make the right decision?

At that time, I had no model of a woman who had practiced Design in Quebec. I was in the absolute abstract of my life!

And I firmly anchored myself in my values, I decided to take pleasure in my studies, I responded to my great interest in Pure Sciences, Communication, to then cross paths with other students and end up in Industrial Design .

And let's talk about Industrial Design, that's another story, especially at the time of my career, at the end of the 80s, the field was part of this more or less acclaimed mission, neither desired since it was unknown to my milieu and environment. immediate. And especially since I chose to have my children at the very beginning of my professional life and to stay with them for 3 years. Not so easy to return to work in such a nested sector, but if you knew how much it gave me an excellent base to start my career with a great source of family happiness that filled me.

This is how I opened my perspectives to work experiences. I discovered the whole meaning of life goals and living with one's values. The life of a professional woman involves challenges that are extraordinary, such as becoming a mother, but also more complex when you think of the reality of a work-family balance.

“All roads will lead me where I will take a step” I always told myself. “No choice to move forward, anyway, I will not stand still”.

These curiosities, these subjects that interest and challenge us at the very moment of our departure into adult life, bring us the desire to cross the learning stages with happiness! You are unique, no one will take your place and you will shape your future according to your personality.

Today, I tell myself that I'm there, co-founder with my daughter of a 3D jewelry company, a very beautiful product of Quebec Design that will accompany young girls to their graduation ball. A graduation accompanied by Quebec Design, I would not even have dreamed of such a great destiny.

Trust, the future will smile on you and above all be happy all along your journey! One day your profession will appeal to your sense of values ​​and it is in this way that you will be recognized.

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