Our mother, this land of welcome

Our mother, this land of welcome

I found on the dining room table this bouquet of tulips which seemed to open their arms wide, like a big embrace.

It inspired me.

There is no better moment than to feel welcomed, to feel that we are welcome and even that we have been desired and hoped for.

In difficult times as in times of celebration there is a great happiness: Hospitality.

Every moment in life invites us to change and I have never felt a better feeling of happiness than the one where I was taken in his arms to console me for a departure and that of this embrace to celebrate a joyful news. .

Welcoming is a meeting we all had with our mother and certainly the one we miss so much when this mother is no longer with us.

We miss the welcome when we lose it. When we close this family home we understand that we will never again be welcomed there, we lose our bearings a lot. We are bored.

The welcome makes the difference between I feel good here or I am not welcome.

By becoming this welcome, this benevolence, we in turn have the power to create these powerful moments of happiness, calm and a feeling of well-being.

Opening your arms wide to the next generation, opening your heart wide and taking care of our loved ones is certainly the best impulse for eternity in the world.

Mother's Day is the celebration of the welcome we received at birth and on a daily basis.

To this woman who has been able to occupy this great role, we would like to thank her and give back our turn.

I wish my mom and all the moms in the world a beautiful day of happiness and that we can highlight their great influence which allows us to bring these moments of welcome to life.

I wish my daughters, all these young mothers, to feel supported, welcomed and above all that they are inspired by their mothers so that they can open their arms in turn and make these lands the best lands of welcome for next generations.

Brigitte Cantin, Mom and Grandmother and President Co-Founder of a mother and daughter family business: Vox & Oz.

#Happy Mother's Day

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