Graduation ball: more than a dress in the wardrobe.


We are in February….

* Note before reading

And yes, it was in February 2020 that I wrote this blog, before the era of Telework.

It was in the old days! Time or the race for work-family balance was so breathless! Despite all the changes in 2020, I wish you a great day with your teenager-finishing a day dedicated to discussing her big dreams and aspirations!

Rituals of passage to adulthood will always remain privileged moments, not just a dress that will remain in the wardrobe!

Here is my text...

This time of year reminds me of those good times in life when I was planning with my daughters Claudia and Léa-Marie, a day dedicated to preparing for the big day, a mother-daughter day for the graduation ball.

The plan was as follows: I called the school to justify the absence in class (for me as for her we allowed ourselves to skip school for that day). On the menu: Shopping, Resto and many conversations. The goal is to choose the ideal outfit, dress, shoes, jewelry and accessories for the prom. All the perfect pageantry would allow them to go proudly to this celebration tinged with great self-esteem. That was a goal, but not the only one!

There was also a hidden agenda, because for me I took the opportunity to highlight their great work accomplished in their academic progress, their personal accomplishment and their involvement through their school and volunteer activities.

This ritual was more than a choice of dress and the purchase of accessories, these moments are part of our memories and have reinforced positive messages. The desires of a young woman of this age are a very strong imprint for the future. Not just a question of outer beauty but it is a question of great inner well-being.


Beyond the shopping, there was during this mother-daughter day (or dad-daughter since in I met dads who were doing the same outing at the same time), an opportunity to experience privileged moments, a great moment to discuss values, dreams, aspirations and remind our child that the challenge of life is not only to do what we want but to do well what we believe in.

I experienced this ritual with each of my two daughters and these are lasting memories.

We wish you to have fun and feel happy and more importantly, to pursue your dreams.

Good Ball to all!



Thank you for allowing me this fabulous photo!
Photo credit: Valérie Roberts (@robertsval stylist and @andreanne_gauthier photographer

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