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LE TRAVERSIER 3D bracelet Interlaced open bangle
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LE TRAVERSIER 3D bracelet Interlaced open bangle
LE TRAVERSIER 3D bracelet Interlaced open bangle
LE TRAVERSIER 3D bracelet Interlaced open bangle

LE TRAVERSIER 3D bracelet Interlaced open bangle


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LE TRAVERSIER 3D bracelet Interlaced open bangle

Don't worry about losing it with its open and intertwined bangle design which will allow you to open and close easily and securely.

This jewel represents a masterful fusion between contemporary trends and abstract art. It was the result of many in-depth discussions around the drawing table, where every detail was carefully explored. Despite the complexity of its creation process, the result is surprisingly simple, demonstrating the supreme refinement of its design.

Every line and abstract shape that makes up this piece of jewelry has been intentionally arranged to create a unique visual harmony. It is a work of art in its own right that transcends ephemeral trends to become a timeless piece. This exquisite combination of modernity and abstraction makes this piece of jewelry a true style statement, a masterpiece that embodies elegance in its simplest, yet most sophisticated, form.

DESCRIPTION of the bracelet

This bracelet features a minimalist design characterized by clean lines and gently rounded surfaces, while remaining flat on the inner side for optimal comfort. Its flexibility greatly facilitates its installation. Additionally, the bracelet's overlapping ends provide extra security, preventing loss, and are ideal for slimmer wrists.

Its flexibility allows it to regain its shape easily.

No fear of losing it thanks to its opening-closing intertwined RING design


3D printing technology

Material: Recycled nylon

Hand-dyed in an artisanal way

Bracelet size: One size

Wide 6.26–6.75 in. 159–171mm

--------------------------------------------- ----- ----------------------------------------

How to measure your wrist?

It’s all about the wrist
While it's best to opt for well-fitting cuffs and bangles, choose slightly longer links and chains to give them more movement.
  1. Take a measuring tape, a length of string or a strip of paper.
  2. Wrap the ribbon/string/band around the wrist you plan to wear the bracelet on. Make a mark where the ends meet. Are you thinking of accumulating bracelets? Take your measurements at the location on your arm where you will wear each bracelet.
  3. Lay the string or paper on a flat surface and use a ruler to measure the length to the marked mark.

BRACELET SIZE CHART / wrist dimensions

X Small 4.76–5.25 in. 121–133mm

Small 5.26–5.75 in. 134–146mm

Medium 5.76–6.25 in. 146–159mm

Wide 6.26–6.75 in. 159–171mm

X wide 6.76–7.25 in. 172–184mm

XX wide 7.26–7.75 in. 184–197mm

XXX wide 7.76–8.25 in. 197–210mm

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