3D Stars Friendship Bracelet
3D Stars Friendship Bracelet
3D Stars Friendship Bracelet
3D Stars Friendship Bracelet

3D Stars Friendship Bracelet


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3D Stars Friendship Bracelet

"A Star for Each of Us"

Star duo bracelet. 2 bracelets 1 small full star and 1 outline star that fit together. that we share with our daughter, our sister, our mother, our friend, our confidante, this person so precious that we want her to accompany us all day long! Impression 3D nylon.



MATERIAL: Durable, resistant and light - also washable! Not flexible.

DIMENSION of the bracelet adjustable for 3 sizes

  • SMALL ( 15 cm length )
  • MEDIUM ( 18 cm length )
  • LARGE ( 20 cm length )

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Description Star for each of us

A "Friendship" type bracelet Bracelet or Friendship bracelet. It is a fully 3D nylon printed and hand dyed link bracelet. It is made using laser technology by 3D nylon printing. 3 rings are provided to adjust the desired length. This bracelet is resistant to reasonable type snagging.  They have been weight tested to 5lbs without any breakage.


3D printed nylon is a very light material, strong in this design this wristband is not flexible. It can withstand reasonable pressure. The surface is matte and shimmers in the sun.  Hand dyed in different colors.

How to know the size of your bracelet?

You can measure it using a tape measure or string, taking care to slide your finger between the wrist and the accessory used. The length measured with the string can be measured with a ruler. this will give you the circumference of your wrist.

It is advisable to ensure that the size of the bracelet when it is finished corresponds to the circumference of the wrist added by 2 cm (two fingers). It's advice, but everyone has their preference on how their bracelet fits: looser or tighter. It is only necessary to take into account the fact that a bracelet that is too loose is easily lost and is more exposed to friction. On the other hand, a bracelet that is too tight is a great hindrance.

Example: If my wrist measures 16.5 cm in circumference. We suggest to add 2 cm (2 fingers) to it to select the closest dimension by referring to the table, so in this case I would choose 18.5 cm which I can adjust easily.




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